Matter in the Medium

by Matter in the Medium

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Second studio album by Matter in the Medium
Produced by Thomas Ireland
Design by Adam Giroux


released November 4, 2015

Ian Van Oosterhout - Guitar/Vocals
Chad McLaughlin - Vocals
Goran Mamika - Bass
D. Elliott - Drums


all rights reserved



Matter in the Medium London, Ontario

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Track Name: Stasis
You can make it true, go on and see it through
One great wonder leading to another kind of mystery

A sense of urgency to create something new
This passion within drives the desire for the answer
There's no limit to the power of the mind
Concentration restrained, foreshadowed this day would come

Sacred were the ways bestowed upon us
This desecration will remain
Infused it will never change

Every thought, every vision will be controlled
Unknown to all
Lamb before the wolves

The clerics prophesied
You're working endlessly to bring forth a dream that isn't even your own

Deconstruction of a false reality unfolds

Sacred were the ways bestowed upon us, this desecration will remain in stasis
Lamb before the wolves

The clerics prophesied
You’re working endlessly to bring forth a dream

Chaos will follow once the spell has lifted
These twisted ways will be just a memory

Powerless against the shadow's grip
Chaos will follow once the spell has lifted
Track Name: Centauri
Always in search of information, the deprivation eating all that's left inside
The final hour approaches, the unknown arrival
Just one chance to live, now
These symptoms arising, twisting the mind

Oceans will collide when the meltdown strikes
So, stop bitching for help and start trying to save yourself

The cerebral deviation will bring each one to their knees
The end solution will only be futile

Brave, hope, holding on
One step from oblivion
Brave, hope, holding on
Just one step away…

Abandoned, left here to rot and die
Infected and awaiting the breach inside this fluid-filled shell
Fearing isolation, that endless thought there is no going back

Inhale, with this last final breath
One by one, their light will fade
Fright grips the life left in you, afraid to die alone
On some planet so far away
One will stay behind, a failed attempt to stop the pressure from rising
All is lost…
Hide from the blast
Keep running, don't look back
Go, and save yourself
Track Name: Hyperacuity
“Obviously, the time continuum has been disrupted creating this new temporal event sequence, resulting in this alternate reality.”

Injection streaming a residual reality
Only his eyes see this infection bring forth destruction
Visual fantasy from hyperacuity
Down the drain, these lies shall pour

In a sheet of searing flame, the portal expands
Evil travels through the obscure gateway from a parallel universe
This threshold expands beyond imagination
Acute senses align the frequency and expose an image
Mistaken as a sickness, overlooking the possibility of an alternate reality

Down the drain, washed away his reflection

An echo repeating over and over
Leaping into the next time line
Leaping into fathomless divide
The universal wave function keeps ripping through, over and over
Slowly gaining ground
Track Name: Dissolve
A century of dreaming about a future that is lost
Days turn to years, these words falling on deaf ears
Shaping the world to come
Constantly moving forward, the cutting edge of technology
Survival is the only option

Why? Has this all been for nothing?
No way of knowing until we try
Dazed and broken, a silence falls upon
Feeling helpless, but still will carry on
Now the final page has turned, yet still no lesson has been learned

From vision to design, the race for information
Civilization will fall, these final words spoken before the journey to the traveler
Forever unknown
Are these our last hours? No time to waste!

“Go ahead Sir Knight, slay me! You won in fair combat, strike! Let rivers of blood wash away the stain of my disgrace. Go on! Spewer the field with my dishonored guts.”

Track Name: Astral Plane
Awaken to a new beginning the tide has turned now
The voyage contained a message - the ambiguities of life
A new breed is born, genome enhancement for a better world

This plane is that of will and life spirit
The illusion of good and evil will manifest through the fourth dimension

Time travel, karma, magic
Psychic surgery, reincarnation
Grey, polarized, housing the forces of light and darkness
Forms naturally morph through the astral plane

Like an etheric flow of energy, it is not confined to the brain
By contacting the higher strata of the mind
We shall gain inconceivable knowledge

With no hesitations, in this magical state you can become the enchanter
And re-create a new conquest to master
Omnipotent victory over matter, like an etheric flow of energy
It is not confined to the brain

Transcended into this existence
Earth vibrations will snap the threads of recollection
Grey, polarized, housing the forces of light and darkness
Forms naturally morph through the astral plane
Track Name: Transience
From science fiction to reality
A post-apocalyptic remnant left behind in the sand
Desolation from the creation leaving just a barren wasteland
Evidence of life is before us, no need for a chorus to make you understand
The truth of what can happen

Under the surface they hide, waiting for their time to rise
Concealed before your eyes - the power of deception
From the heavens they descended, our way of life now infiltrated
Without a clue for what's intended, society will be degraded

These unknown artifacts lay in ruins scattered across the planet
Landscape eradication leads us to build underground cities to survive our destruction

Leaving illusion to the perception of your mind
Out of sight they observe us from the anomaly that orbits the sun

“How do we kill them?” “However you can.” “Let's find a way off this fucking planet.” “That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

What you don't know doesn't hurt you now
But how will you be ready for when they attack?
Beneath the surface lies a key
Through the looking glass we found the answer, but kept it a secret from the public
For the fear that it may shatter the foundations of humanity


A greater power is amongst us from the skies
We're just insects, discarded rejects
Specimens for their microscope slides
Down from the skies they came to enslave us
To do their work for eternity

“Earth. Man. Woman. Sense. Science. Fluid. Flight. Mars. Manus. Verse.”

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